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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Redesign For The Video Page

On Wednesday, March 7, YouTube will be forcing users to switch to a new design.  We believe this is a major downgrade for YouTube.  This is unfortunate for us because it means we will lose the design that looks like and blends in with our website.  It also lacks other customization and key features, such as the request module.  Starting March 7, you will have to post your video requests on our forums.  To register for our forums, click here.

In this article, we will attempt to guide you through the video page's features using pictures.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This is the top part of the page, which has our subscriber and video view stats.  This is also where you can search our videos.  The three tabs on the left are "Featured", "Feed", and "Videos".
Here is the right side of every tab.   There is a description of MiscVideos78rpm at the top, a place to post a channel comment in the middle, and some links on the bottom.
The bottom of the "Featured" tab includes some selected playlists out of the many that are available.  This section will eventually feature a playlist for every decade that MiscVideos78rpm has videos from.
The "Feed" tab will feature a feed of our recent activity.
At the top of the feed, there is a "Comments" button you can click on.
This will show you all the channel comments that users have posted so far.
When you click on the "Videos" tab, it will show you all uploaded videos in the order in which they were uploaded.  You can select a different order by clicking the button in the upper right.

When you click on the "Playlists" button in the "Videos" tab, it will, of course, show you all of our playlists.

Hopefully this will help guide you through the new changes.  What do you think of the new changes?  Leave a comment below telling us!  If you have any questions, also feel free to leave a comment below.  We hope you get adjusted to these new changes soon!

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